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Networking Event

Business Networking Event

On Tuesday 23 February, the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation welcomed a group of local business leaders to a free networking event at St George Leagues Club.

As well as meeting like-minded professionals, our guests were able to hear from Dr Freda Passam about her research into blood clots.

“Blood clots affect every family – they cause heart attacks and strokes – from clots in the legs and lungs. What the Foundation is helping me to do now is to take my research to patients.”

The room came alive with questions about the nature of research funding in Australia, and how a vital role is played by the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation. Simply put, without the support of our community, the best and brightest minds won’t be able to continue researching better health outcomes within our local hospitals.

“This year, if the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation didn’t fund my research, I would have to stop.

I’m a haematologist, and I’m interested in the building blocks within our blood. I want to see how the blood signatures of those who are prone to clots differ from those who aren’t. It’s important for preventing clots, because in cooperation with my US lab, we have a number of new drugs that can target these signatures, and correct the patterns.

My vision is to help people who are prone to clots, and prevent them. It’s important because, if you have a heart attack for example, the chances are one in six that you will be re-admitted to hospital.”

This was the first in a series of community events, and the Foundation would like to invite all local businesses to participate. Our goal is to raise $110,000 to fund at least two life-changing medical research projects.

For more details about our Give Back Business Leaders appeal, please email or call (02) 9094 4040.

Our next event will be held on Tuesday 17 May at Tynan Motors. Click here if you would like to register today.

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