About Us

The St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation raises both funds and awareness for the vital work of the medical researchers at St George and Sutherland hospitals.

As two of Australia’s leading teaching hospitals, the research undertaken at St George and Sutherland is vast and varied. This typically means that the requests for funding that we receive far outstrip the Foundation’s limited resources. The Research Committee is tasked with the role of selecting the research projects (and scholarships) that the Foundation will fund.


The Foundation’s philosophy has been to prioritise promising new research or emerging researchers who are on the cusp of securing more substantive external competitive grant funding. For example of the total of 18 grant recipients since 2008, two are “very early” (doctoral scholars), 14 are “early career” researchers and only two are considered to be “mid-career”.

In keeping with the Foundation’s goals, a number of awardees have gone on to secure substantial competitive external grant funding: Dr Bill Giannakopoulos (2010, immunology) and Dr Phil Dinning (2008, gastroenterology) both built on their work supported by the Foundation to secure prestigious and highly competitive NH&MRC Project Grants. Dr Sharon Ong (2009, nephrology) went on to secure a major grant from the Ramaciotti Foundation. In 2011, we were very pleased to congratulate Dr Phil Dinning yet again when he was awarded (jointly with Dr John Arkwright, CSIRO) a highly prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prize in the category of “Innovative Use of Technology”.

These highly significant achievements by promising researchers supported by our Foundation represent tangible evidence that we are making a substantive difference. The Foundation’s annual funding round opens in May and closes in July / August. All applications for funding must adhere to strict funding criteria. Successful research projects to be funded are announced each year in October and funding commences the following January.

The Foundation typically offers funding for 12-months, although in some circumstances our funding might continue for a longer period.