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Throughout the year, we run a variety of campaigns and appeals that you can get involved with and support vital medical research being funded in St George and Sutherland hospitals. 

Our current appeal is our Christmas Appeal. You can read more below and donate today. 

SSMRF’s Christmas Appeal

As we head towards Christmas and the end of a year that has been incredibly difficult for so many people in our community, we humbly ask you to consider supporting us so we can all continue to benefit from the medical research we fund through our annual research grants. Make your tax-deductible donation online.

We are so grateful for all the health professionals who have faced significant challenges due to COVID-19, and for the researchers who have provided us with a COVID vaccine. Lately we’ve been reflecting on the many lives that have been saved and improved through the discoveries of the incredible researchers that we support here at the SSMRF.

Since 2007, the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation has supported life-saving medical research which continues to impact thousands of lives in our local community and beyond. We are proud to support the many dedicated researchers who pursue their work with passion, excellence and a genuine commitment to improving the wellbeing of patients. We are currently reviewing 2021 grant applications and we can’t wait to share our recipients with you—your donation will help secure this vital funding for the future.”

This year we’ve seen first hand how essential medical research is in supporting the health and prosperity of our community. As we emerge from lockdown and experience the joy of reconnecting with family and friends and reclaiming a sense of normalcy, we are reminded of how medical research can be the difference between a bleak future and a bright one.

Every gift matters, whether large or small. You might give in memory of a loved one, or on behalf of the young people in your life, knowing they might directly benefit from this research in the future.

Will you partner with us this Christmas so that patients from all walks of life can face a diagnosis with a greater sense of hope? 

Giving is easy and donations over $2 are tax deductible. You can donate now!

Christmas Appeal Donation