Research Strategy

SSMRF believes that funding medical research is the best way to develop better treatments for patients and improve healthcare for our community…and beyond.

We believe that research will provide better treatment options across a wide range of key health areas, including cancer, mental health, women’s and children’s health, microbiome, bone & joint diseases, immunity, allergy & infection, obesity & metabolic diseases, intensive care & emergency medicine, and nursing & allied health research.

The St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation supports the varied research work of the medical staff and researchers at St George and Sutherland hospitals. Both hospitals have a rich tradition of successful medical research that has positively impacted the lives of people in the local and wider communities.

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SSMRF’s Commitment

We are committed to work with our community and hospitals to raise funds to promote and support medical research.
The funds raised through the generosity of our donors and sponsors are used to provide funding each year in competitive and enabling research funding.

Annual funding opportunities

We release a call for EOIs once per year, inviting innovative basic, translational and clinical research proposals.

Evaluation of submitted proposals

All grant applications are considered and assessed by the SSMRF Research Committee, a group of highly distinguished research scientists who are appointed by SSMRF’s Board of Directors.

  1. Applicants whose OIs are deemed most meritorious move to the second step and are invited to submit a full proposal.
  2. All applications are reviewed by external expert reviewers and our Research Committee. Their recommendations are then presented to the SSMRF Board of Directors for review, final vote and approval.

SSMRF Research Grants

Seed Grants
The Foundation’s philosophy has been to prioritise promising new research or emerging researchers who are on the cusp of securing more substantive external competitive grant funding.
Seed grants allows the researcher to helping them conduct innovative pilot studies or feasibility studies that will help them to grow and develop their research and go on to attract larger, nationally competitive grants.
In today’s research environment, funding is incredibly tight, meaning research grants are few and far between. The majority are awarded to scientists who have a proven track record of results, so very few grants are available to young researchers.

Launched in 2014, the Capacity Building Grant Scheme provides substantive major grant support. Its purpose is to strengthen and grow a team of quality researchers who will enhance our overall research capacity and thereby increase the quantity and quality of innovative, internationally competitive research at St George & Sutherland Hospitals.
They allow research groups to enhance their academic productivity: to gain bigger research grants, publish more papers in the very best journals and to attract the world’s best to join them as research students or colleagues.

SSMRF PhD Scholarships attract Australia’s best young scientists. By encouraging scientists at the beginning of their career, the goal is that they will continue their careers in medical research.