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Every 10 cents counts.

Your recycling today shapes tomorrow’s health outcomes

Recycling your bottles isn’t just about environmental responsibility – it’s about community impact. Your bottle returns can fuel crucial medical research right here in our local hospitals. Every 10 cents counts towards funding groundbreaking projects that enhance healthcare for everyone.

By giving to Recycle for Research, you are supporting SSMRF and medical research in your local hospital to support you, your family and your local community!

Join SSMRF’s Recycle for Research – simply:

  1. Sign up to Return & Earn: Choose your Return & Earn provider for your local area
  2. Link to Recycle4Research as your charity in the Return and Earn app
    1. Select Charities
    2. Search the word ‘Research’
    3. Select ‘Recycle4Research’
    4. Set as payout
  3. Visit your nearest Return and Earn
    1. Scan the barcode on your app
    2. Return your bottles and cans as instructed

Your collection converts to donations. Each time your full bin is picked up, or you donate at a machine, your recycling supports medical research!

Return and earn heart charities

Choose your Return and Earn Provider

Blue Bin – St George and Sutherland Shire

  • Pay your $109 deposit – one-off payment
  • Set up an account: Fill in your details and enter SSMRF’s bank details (Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633 000, Account: 215 648 114) to ensure your recycling funds reach us directly 
  • Arrange pick up: contact Scrap Metal Sydney to arrange your Blue Bin collection
  • Notify SSMRF of your commitment to the Recycle for Research campaign – email project coordinator Cathy Mason

Purple Bin – Sutherland Shire only

Self setup process and charity linking via the app

  • Download the Return and Earn app on your mobile phone
  • Create a login and password on your app
  • Search charity campaigns and link to Recycle4Research as your charity by selecting Charities and search the for and selecting ‘Recycle4Research’
  • Visit your nearest Return and Earn: Scan the barcode on your app and then return your bottles and cans as instructed

More information?

Contact SSMRF Project Co-ordinator, Cathy Mason. Phone 0413 447 184 or email