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Become a Research Champion and join the SSMRF Regular Giving Program

Thank you for choosing to become a “Research Champion” – a St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation Regular giver.

By joining our regular giving program and giving on a monthly basis, you help SSMRF continue to support and fund medical research at St. George Hospital and The Sutherland Hospital.

We call our Regular Givers “Research Champions” because they are a powerful group of supporters who believe in the importance of providing consistent support and funding to medical research.

Together our Champions contributions make real research progress possible, and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

How it works

Monthly regular giving with SSMRF is processed on the 15th of every month, via an automated donation from your bank account or credit card.

However, we are very happy to accommodate any preferences you might have for an alternative donation frequency, weekly, quarterly or annually. If you prefer an alternative frequency, please contact us so that we can help find the best option for you.

Set up your regular donation online

Click here to set up regular donation online.  Setting up your donation only takes a few minutes. We will notify you to confirm when your first regular gift has been processed. Please note, this notification will not be your tax-deductible donation receipt. Your official tax-deductible receipt will be sent at the end of the financial year, and will represent your total contribution to world-class cancer research for the financial year.

Call us to help set up your donation or complete our Research Champion regular giving form. 

Phone SSMRF (02) 9098 4040 or download our regular giving form here. Once you have completed the form you can send it to SSMRF


Postal address: PO Box 35, Kogarah, NSW, 1485

Staying connected

As a valued Research Champion you will receive updates about the research we are funding, as well as information and invitations to upcoming events.