SSMRF Research Committee

The  Research Committee (formerly the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)) is responsible for recommending the research to be funded by the Foundation. These recommendations are made to the Board of Directors following the completion of the Foundation’s annual funding round. The committee is comprised of senior medical staff and researchers from St George and Sutherland hospitals.

The current Research Committee is:

Professor Michael Grimm (Chair), Professor of Medicine, Clinical Associate Dean, St George and Sutherland Clinical School

A/Professor Chris White, Director | Research SESLHD

Professor Denis Wakefield, Professor of Medicine UNSW

Professor Maria Craig, School of Women’s and Children’s Health UNSW

Dr Amanda Henry, Senior Staff Specialist (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Dr Ben Kwan, Respiratory Medicine Sutherland Hospital

A/Professor Julia Maclean, Speech Pathologist, St George Hospital

Tenure/Term of Membership

The term of membership for the SSMRF Research Committee will be a period of three years.

All members will have the option of renewal for a maximum of three terms, subject to the approval of the SSMRF Board.

Terms of Reference

The Research Committee (RC) will advise the SSMRF Board on the appropriateness of all fund disbursements for research proposals based on their scientific merit and their value in promoting the aims of the Foundation.

The Research Committee, working with the CEO, will

  1. Devise the terms of Grant Applications and how they will be assessed
  2. Accept research proposals from the members of the staff of St George and Sutherland Hospitals (scientific, medical, nursing and paramedical) for research to be undertaken principally by and within those hospitals
  3. Agree each year on the appropriate timeline for the grant application and assessment process
  4. Undertake the assessment of research proposals based on three principal criteria:
  5. Scientific value of the proposal:
    1. Importance of the question
    2. Adequacy of the study design
    3. Feasibility of the study given the budget, setting and resources
    4. Likelihood of project to generate capacity for: Publications, external funding, attraction of higher degree students etc
    5. Value in promotion of research culture in the hospitals including divisions and departments in which research needs to be strengthened
  1. Decide, on the basis of the above criteria, which research projects justify funding and then provide the Board with their ranking of the fundable projects
  2. Put in place a mechanism to determine short, medium and long-term outcomes and value of the SSMRF research funding process

The Research Committee must inform the Board about their activities, and significant decisions must be accepted and ratified by the Board.

Contacts for additional information or enquiries:

Mrs Leanne Dib
Tel: 02 9098 4040

Prof Michael Grimm
Chair, SSMRF Research Committee