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Celebrating Tynan Motors’ 50th Anniversary and
The Life and Legacy of Michael Thomas Tynan


Major car manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, Honda, Subaru, Kia, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki and Jeep, and businesses including NRMA, Hoyts, the MTA and Masterton Homes came together on Friday 18th November at the Four Points Sheraton Darling Harbour to celebrate the life and times of St George and Sutherland Shire identity Michael Tynan at the Charity Gala Ball.

In Michael’s memory, the Tynan family had pledged to raise $500,000 for medical research over four events in 2016. This became a reality when the challenge and the dinner raised in excess of $500,000 in total!

“Michael Tynan was a Family man, a Businessman, a Committed Christian and a Community man.

So it is very fitting that (tonight) we not only celebrate Michael’s life and achievements but we join in with his commitment to the Community and support the endeavors of the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation in the vital work they do in medical research.

Michael understood very well the need for our involvement in all kinds of Business and Community Projects.

So thank you once again for your generosity and attendance (here this evening).

We are greatly honoured‘’ said Annette Tynan on behalf of the Tynan Family.

Thank You from the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundationheader_165x165

Tonight’s Tynan Motors 50th Anniversary Charity Ball and the recent Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge Walk from Wollongong to Kogarah are two wonderful ways in which the Tynan family has celebrated the life, the achievements and the memory of their company’s founder, Michael Tynan.

With great generosity on the part of the Tynan family and in line with Michael Tynan’s philosophy that service to one’s community is of central importance, the proceeds of both of these major events will go The St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation.

The Foundation is working hard to have our hospitals – St George and Sutherland – become centres of nationally important medical research. Research is not only the best way to understand and manage illness but ensures that our hospitals attract and retain the nation’s finest medical minds, and obtain vital, cutting-edge medical services. This is how we will achieve our mission: ‘to enrich our community’s healthcare – through medical research’.

On behalf of our Board, of which Madeline Tynan is a key member, I thank the Tynan family for their wonderfully generous support. I believe Michael Tynan would approve of our alignment of ambitions: to serve our communities through hard work.

John Edmonds

‘’Michael’s achievement in business was mirrored in his contribution to his community, which is well documented. The Foundation has been one of many recipients of Michael’s commitment to ‘giving back’.

The Foundation serves no other purpose that to enrich our community’s health through research.  Without research, medicine stands still.

At St George and Sutherland Hospitals we have many outstanding doctors who also undertake research and therefore ‘give back’ to the people they serve. Just like Michael Tynan gave back.

The Tynan’s generosity tonight in donating proceeds to the Foundation is a fitting reminder of Michael’s ethos.

Peter Christopher,


And the winner of the Suzuki Swift raffle was…


Congratulations David Johnston from United Resource Management, the winner of the Suzuki Swift!

The raffle was drawn on Friday night at the Tynan Motors 50th Anniversary Charity Ball.

Generously, Mr. Johnston chose to donate the car to be put up for auction at the Charity Ball, raising a further fantastic $11,000 for SSMRF.


Medical Research – The Cost of Health


The research that SSMRF supports is truly ground-breaking. For many it is life-changing. Our research is focused on thirteen broad areas – and numerous diseases within these areas – that impact many Australians. In some cases the research work is undertaken in collaboration with local and international research teams.

As two of the leading teaching hospitals in New South Wales, St George and Sutherland Hospitals have developed a rich tradition of delivering successful research that has positively impacted the lives of many thousands of people.

Our newest grants will help to fund investigations into trauma, strokes, blood clots, sciatica, sepsis, swallowing dysfunction and cancer.

When added to the forty research projects already funded, SSMRF is changing the landscape of research within our hospitals.

Medical Research Saves Lives – but there is a cost!

Did you know that a donation of $150 is the equivalent of a bone marrow transplant for Dr Roncolato’s research into cancer, chemotherapy & radiotherapy?

Or that a donation of $500 is the equivalent of an antibody for Dr Giannakopoulos’ research into infection rates and blood poisoning?

And still again, a donation of $1,000 is the equivalent of a box of biochips for Dr Passam’s research into strokes and blood clots?

Please click here to donate

A huge Shout Out to the Mercure Hotel Airport for their fabulous support at the Tynan Motors 50th Anniversary Charity Ball.

An authentic experience with a commitment to quality, the Mercure Sydney International Airport is conveniently located near the international and domestic airports, making it the place to stay when travelling overseas and interstate.

22 Levey Street, Wolli Creek E:

A Special Thank You to all our Amazing Volunteers for your support of the Tynan Motors 50th Anniversary Charity Ball. Everyone’s positive energy and willingness to assist wherever and whenever it was required was the reason why this was such a successful event.

Thank you once again!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the Tynan Motors 50th Anniversary Charity Ball with prizes, donations, or table purchases.

Please click the image below – supporter list is in alphabetical order




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