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The St George Hospital Obstetric Medicine Research Group has gone Red for Research!

The Obstetric Medicine Research Group is a multidisciplinary team comprising of professionals from the medical, midwifery, nursing, and allied health fields, as well as research students and consumer representatives.

SSMRF is proud to continue to support the Obstetric Medicine Research Groups studies. Associate professor Greg Davis, senior staff specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, leads the P4 Study team, examining women and their babies six months after they give birth, then at 2-year and 5-year visits.

The P4 Study has informed the BP2 Study which is led by Professor Mark Brown (Head of the Department of Medicine) and Dr Amanda Henry (Clinical Academic in Obstetrics). The BP2 study offers follow-up and lifestyle behaviour change strategies in the first 12 months after a pregnancy complicated by high blood pressure, including preeclampsia. Follow-up of mother and baby is done at 6 months and 12 months following the birth. The team has been enrolling women in the BP2Study for over a year now and have over 200 women participating in the study.

The study hopes to find which of these follow-up programs, if any, is effective in promoting positive lifestyle behaviour change (as measured primarily by weight and/or waist circumference change) and a decrease in blood pressure, in women in the first 12 months after hypertensive pregnancy.

For more information on these studies and how you could be involved please contact Lynne Roberts, P4 and BP2 Study Coordinator, Phone: 9113 2117


In the poster are (L-R, top-bottom)
Dr Amanda Henry, Clinical Academic Obstetrician (CI for BP2 Study)
Prof Greg Davis, Staff Specialist Obstetrician (CI for P4 Study)
Dr Megan Gow, Dietitian
Dr Dani Susic, Obstetrician
Prof Mark Brown, Renal and Obstetric Medicine Physician (CI of BP2 Study)
Dr Lynne Roberts, Midwife (Project Manager of P4 and BP2 Studies)
Emilee Kirwin, Consumer Representative
Heike Roth, Midwife and PhD Candidate, UTS
Prof Caroline Homer, Midwife
Leanne Wang, Fourth Year UNSW Medical Student
Virginia Su, Fourth Year UNSW Medical Student
Ben Varley, PhD Candidate (Medicine and Health, USyd)
Annette Ruhotas, Consumer Representative
Naomi Strout, Midwife (Executive Officer for MothersBabies Study)
Veronica Morcos, Fourth Year UNSW Medical Student
Prof Emad El Omar, Gastroenterologist and Professor of Medicine
Jennifer Beddoe, Renal nurse and midwife
Hannah Ryan, , Fourth Year UNSW Medical Student
Prof George Mangos, Renal and Obstetric Medicine Physician
Rebecca Smith, Maternity Midwifery Unit Manager
Lisa Hanley, Consumer Representative
Dr Franziska Pettit, Renal and Obstetric Medicine Physician
Donna Lohmeyer, Research Midwife

Team members not in the photos:
Prof Anthony O’Sullivan, Clinical Academic Endocrinologist
Prof Maria Craig, Paediatric Endocrinologist
Dr Samuel Harvey, Psychiatrist
Michelle Barker, Fourth Year UNSW Medical Student
Jessica Li, Fourth Year UNSW Medical Student

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