New medical research grant targeting dementia and Parkinson’s disease

A new research grant targeting dementia and Parkinson’s disease research in honour of the late Giuseppe Ferlaino was announced at the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation’s (SSMRF) end-of-year celebration in November 2023.

“It was an honour to launch the grant and to hear from his daughter Luigina as well as his geriatrician, Dr Nick Cordato,” said SSMRF CEO Pam Brown.

Giuseppe’s family has established this research grant in geriatric medicine to honour his sacrifice, work ethic and exceptional qualities as a human being.

The Giuseppe Ferlaino Research Grant specifically targets neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease and dementia. It is fitting that Giuseppe’s name will live on through values he firmly believed in – education, learning and hard work.

His family hopes potential recipients of this grant will emulate the standards and level of care displayed by Dr Cordato in their own career in this field and also remember the values of Giuseppe Ferlaino in providing recipients with this opportunity to advance our understanding of these disorders.

When announcing the new grant, his daughter Luigina shared that “It is impossible to convey in words the exceptional qualities of our dear Papa, although the fact that we are determined to have his name and values live on via these research grants is testimony to what a unique individual he was.

We recently read a poem on grief, and one of the lines was: “Build a castle in the wreckage of my passing”.

Dear Papa, this research grant, and the others that will follow in years to come, is the first step in laying the foundations for the building of our castle.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Nicholas Cordato for the outstanding care and guidance he provided to us during the years of our Papa’s illness, and we would also like to thank him as well as Professor Smerdely, Professor Gonski, Professor Baird, Jill Deering and Pam Brown for all their efforts and hard work in getting us to this point.

We are ordinary people who were blessed with an extraordinary Papa and we want his name, sacrifice and values to live on in something meaningful.

I know our beloved Papa would be very proud of this initiative as he firmly believed in the value of hard work, education and sacrifice.”

Find out more about applying for SSMRF medical research grants.

Giuseppe Ferlaino grant announcement


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