Go Red for Research

Go Red for Research this June, and help SSMRF support medical research in St George and Sutherland hospitals.

It’s up to you how you go Red for Research. See below for some ways you, your workplace, family, gym, friends, school or club can choose to go #RedforResearch:

  • Hosting virtual meetings? Show your support by hosting a #RedforResearch meeting and ask everyone to wear red and make a donation to SSMRF
  • Set yourself a Go Red Challenge for June – this could be running, rowing, riding, walking, push ups…its up to you!
  • Pledge to wear red every day in June – this could be red lipstick, red tie, red socks or red scarf every day in June.
  • Go red for a day! Ask everyone to wear red on a day in June and make a donation.
  • Ask your workplace to dollar match or get involved in your Red for Research fundraising activity.
  • Ask your local gym or exercise class to host a #RedforResearch day, everyone can wear red and donate to SSMRF.
  • At School? Have a Red for Research day. Everyone can wear red and donate a gold coin.
  • Host a morning tea, lunch or dinner for your family, friends or work colleagues. How many red foods can you think of?


  1. Choose how you are going red – host an event, wear red every day, set yourself an active challenge, you decide!
  2. Register – Sign up to go Red for Research this June by creating your own fundraising page. Go to http://everydayhero.com.au/event/redforresearch
  3. Spread the word – Tell everyone about your challenge or events and raise funds to support SSMRF research.


To make fundraising for us even easier, we’ve partnered with Everyday Hero to give you the ability to create your own online fundraising page. In just minutes you can build and customise your page, then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues and asking them to make a donation. Every donation is then recorded on your fundraising page along with a message of support from your donors. So what are you waiting for? Create your own online fundraising page today and let’s go Red for Research!

Click here to get started Fundraising


  • Use your social media to share your Red for Research challenge and events. Don’t forget to use #RedforResearch and tag SSMRF.
  • Email friends, family and colleagues to let them know about the amazing things you are doing and how they can support you!
  • Ask everyone to donate to SSMRF to support your Red for Research fundraiser.
  • Send out regular emails and social media posts, reminding your friends to join in all Red for Research fun!
  • Thank you! Remember to thank everyone who donates and supports you going Red for Research!
  • Record a video sharing why you are going Red and share it.
  • Update your email footer with a #RedforResearch footer.
  • Update your Facebook profile picture with a #RedforResearch frame. Simply edit your profile, select add Frame, search Red for Research and apply.


Are you hosting Red for Research event in your workplace or school, or would simply like to make a donation to SSMRF? Not a problem. You can make a donation online, by cheque or to the SSMRF Bank Account.

Online: If you would like to donate to SSMRF by credit card, please click here to donate.

Cheque: please make payable to the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation & send to PO Box 35 Kogarah NSW 1485. Please also include any notes about your donation if it is for a specific reason, and your contact details for receipting purposes.

Direct debit: Account Name: St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation. BSB: 112879. Account: 4836 16669. Also, please email tracie.junghans@ssmrf.com.au to advise the details of your donation including your contact details for receipting purposes.

Download the #RedforResearch Resources and get started today!

We’ve put together a bunch of resources to make going Red for Research easy and fun!



Red for Research Email Footer

Zoom Background – Ask how you can support me

Zoom Background – Ask me Why?
Red for Research Flyer

Download the SSMRF Go Red for Research Flyer

Personalise your own Red for Research social square.

To add your own photo, download the PDF template, open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat and upload your photo (you will need to arrange the photo to the back). You can then save the PDF as a JPEG to use on your social pages.

Download the Red for Research Social Post Template here. 

This is the link to Adobe Acrobat: https://acrobat.adobe.com/au/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

Tags and Hashtags

Don’t forget to tag SSMRF and use the following hashtags. #RedforResearch #ImGoingRedforResearch #SSMRFMedicalResearch #ResearchInYourHospitals #SSMRFresearch #LetsGoRedforResearch #ImGoingRedforResearch

Thank you

However you choose to go Red for Research, we thank you for helping raise funds and awareness for our local researchers.

Have any questions, or need assistance?

Contact Tracie Junghans@SSMRF | tracie.junghans@ssmrf.com.au | 0412 922 412
Donations: https://community.stgeorgemrf.com.au/pages/red-for-research